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One event that slipped past us took place in London at the start of the year and that was the World Championship of Ping Pong, held at Alexandra Palace. Sixty four of the World’s top Ping Pong players did battle for a two-day tournament, live on Sky Sports for prize money worth $100000. One thing that made this event special was the fact that the players used traditional sandpaper rackets.
One of the other key things at the World Championships was that T3 was unveiled. What is T3 you ask?
This is three-a-side ping pong played with a revolutionary circular table. The triples (3-a-side) version of ping pong, was invented in New Zealand in 1979; six players compete in two teams of three around a specially shaped table. Its unusual circular design and specially constructed nets are the foundations of a game which is fast and fun.
The idea behind Triples ping pong is that it offers players a far greater range of shot directions and lengths than the conventional game with increased scope for spectacular rallies. Apparently the table can even accommodate 12 players. The organisers say that three-a-side with one ball in play is one option, or six-a-side with two different coloured balls in play is another. We would like to see that!
The game was showcased in London at the weekend by six of Britain’s best players at Parliaments Hills in what is believed to have been the world first outdoor tournament.

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Ping Pong history will be made when table tennis introduces an open-air version of the game, in which sides of three players compete over a round table. T3 Ping pong will be demonstrated at London’s Parliament Hill fields by six of the UK’s top players with the public free to have a go. Don’t be surprised if there’s a gatecrasher once london’s mayor, Boris Johnson, gets a whiff-whaff of the event.

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3-a-side ping pong is here. Played around a circular table, it’s fun, fast & fierce and the inventors, T3, are inviting table tennis lovers to come to their office in Farringdon on National Table Tennis Day to have a go for free!

Experience table tennis in a whole different way by having a go on July 17th – T3 style!

Taking place between 12-3pm, everyone is invited to the offices in Farringdon as a team of three or just as an individual to try their hand at ‘winner stays on!’

Katharine Lewis, from T3, said: “Our official T3 coach, Hewley Griffith, national table tennis star and former Guyanese number one will be there on the day to assist the games and offer T3 tips!”

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The world’s first specially built outdoor table for triples ping pong – a new twist on the popular game designed for six players – is to be installed in Parliament Hill Fields next month.

Table tennis has seen a huge boom in popularity in recent years, with outdoor tables cropping up across the UK including in the Golders Hill Park section of the Heath.

But the new three-a-side version – which uses a larger circular table – is currently only played in the Australian seaside town of its invention, Wollongon, which lies about 50 miles from Sydney.

That is set to change when the £2,700 table becomes a permanent fixture next to the Parliament Hill tennis courts and bowling green.

Paul Maskell, Hampstead Heath’s leisure and events manager, said: “There are a number of ‘wow’ factors and we think it could really make an interesting asset to the Heath.

“Unlike ordinary table tennis, you can have as many as six players and actually I’ve seen nine people playing at once.

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Whoever said three’s a crowd? With triples ping-pong – a fun take on the classic table-top sport – nobody needs to feel left out

Originally played at 19th-century dinner parties, ping-pong began life as “whiff-whaff”, a term made famous by London Mayor Boris Johnson before the 2012 Olympic Games.
Now triples ping pong promises to bring back the fun, social elements of that Victorian era post-dinner game. Giving players of varying abilities the opportunity to play together in the same team, triples ping-pong takes place on a circular table and allows six people to take part at once.
Invented in New Zealand in 1979, triples ping-pong has been played both socially and competitively in its homeland and Australia for decades. And now, for the first time, it has come to the UK.
The British public had a first chance to sample the sport at the World Championships of Ping-Pong, which took place at Alexandra Palace in January, and plans are afoot to spread it internationally.

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t3-triples-ping-pong-best-of-2013 (Custom)BEST OF 2013: PING PONG TABLE OF THE YEAR

Welcome to the Best of 2013! We used a combination of page views, reader comments, emails, facebook responses, tweets, and discussions at Table Tennis Nation headquarters to determine the Best ping pong of the year.

Every year, thousands of new ping pong tables hit the market and people all over the world buy them, build them, and play on them. You can get a ping pong table from a wide range of stores, or even improvise one from tables you already have laying around. At Table Tennis Nation, we have the opportunity to see, play on, and review a lot of different tables, and when it comes down to finding the Table of the Year, we’re not just looking for affordability or playability, we’re looking for the whole package: the Rolls Royce of ping pong tables, and 2013 was an awesome year for new table concepts.

With so many great tables coming out this year, we decided to show off our Top 7 tables of the year as we build up to giving one table the crown.

6. T3 Triples Ping Pong A great concept and a really pretty table.

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November 22 – Triples ping pong will be making its way to the United Kingdom following the announcement from the sport’s brand, T3, that it will appear at next year’s World Championship of Ping Pong.

The revolutionary sport, which was invented in New Zealand in 1979 and sees six players compete in two teams of three around a circular table, will be exhibited at the event, being held at London’s Alexandra Palace on January 4-5.

Played in Australia as a serious sport alongside traditional table tennis, triples ping pong allows for a far greater range of shot directions, exciting angles and longer spectacular rallies.

The wooden net is specially designed to enhance the triples game, sloping in the centre to increase the sense of competition and challenge.

The sport will run alongside the two-day, 64-player annual World Championship, which sees the top ping pong players from across the globe battle it out for a share of a $100,000 (£61,700/€73,800) prize fund.

In order to increase interest amongst the audience, triples ping pong will provide members of the audience the opportunity to try out the sport for themselves, with the public able to participate in the standard triples format or the newly introduced “chaos theory”.

These new rules see 12 players compete in two teams of six with an additional ball in play to add to the chaos and excitement of the sport.

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Adrian and Eszter from Pongathon were invited to help demonstrate the UK’s first showing of a revolutionary new social ping pong game called Triples that is played on a completely circular table by teams of 3 or 6 players on either side.

Its fast and furiously good fun as players enjoy a greater range of shot directions and lengths with plenty of scope for spectacular rallies. The rules are fairly similar to conventional ping pong but there are some key differences most notably the games are up to 21, each team has 6 serves each and during the rallies any team member can return the ball but not more than twice in succession. Oh yes and the specially constructed solid state net is much higher at the ends!

The triples (3-a-side) version of ping pong was invented in New Zealand in 1979 and with the recent upsurge in popularity in social ping pong, the manufacturers T3 are hoping to capture the markets imagination and start a ping pong revolution of their own!

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If you haven’t yet caught on to London’s ping pong craze, the prospect of playing five of your friends at the same time might just convince you. This unusual three-way ping pong table is doing the rounds at the ‘Give it a Go’ sports festival at Parliament Hill Fields this Sunday, aimed at giving families the chance to try their hand at several new sports. Playing six-a-side on a table like this is very popular in Australia, apparently. Once you’ve got the wiff waff bug, practise your skills at Rich Mix‘s regular Pongathon event, or visit Bounce in Holborn, a bar entirely dedicated to the game.

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We love 3-on-3 ping pong here at Table Tennis Nation, hell, we invented the best version of triples ping pong, The Brawl. Now a new table, called the T3 is introducing a type of triples ping pong.

We’ve seen our fair share of weird ping pong tables, but this one claims to not only allow you to play a new way that is only being played in Australia (after being invented in New Zealand). The T3 is being made in the UK and is debuting at the Give it a Go Festival in Hampstead Heath in London this Sunday.

Sounds like this table could be a fun time. Should we Brawl on it?

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Triples ping pong brand, T3, today announced that the unveiling of their revolutionary circular table would take place on 8 September 2013 at Camden Council’s annual fitness Give It A Go Festival, on Parliament Hill Fields, Hampstead Heath.

The triples (3-a-side) version of ping pong, popular in Australia, was invented in New Zealand in 1979; six players compete in two teams of three around a specially shaped table. Its unusual circular design and specially constructed nets are the foundations of a game which is fast and fun. Triples ping pong offers players a far greater range of shot directions and lengths than the conventional game with increased scope for spectacular rallies. The table can even accommodate 12 players if required (three-a-side with one ball in play, or six-a-side with two different coloured balls in play).

Hot on the heels of the current ping pong revival across the UK, particularly in bars and clubs, T3 expects triples to capture the imaginations of existing enthusiasts and novices alike. The game is suitable for all ages, all abilities and T3 tables are also suitable for players in wheelchairs. The table is the same length as in standard ping pong, is foldable and portable since the legs are mounted on wheels.

Camden Council’s Give It A Go festival, which was a huge success in 2012, aims to inspire people to take up new sports and incorporate regular fitness into their everyday lives by providing live coaching and opportunities to ‘give it a go’ on the day. Last year, over 10,000 people turned out to take part, and this year, a similar number is expected. Visitors will have the opportunity to play triples for the first time and find out more about where to play the game in future. There’ll be a ‘winners stay on’ tournament mixed up with games, tricks and coaching – and goody bags all round!

Digi Berry, Managing Director of T3, commented: “It’s great to see the revival of ping pong which was a household game in the 1970s and which a new generation is now discovering for the first time. We feel that the time is right for something fresh, innovative and fun like triples. We’re excited about the table and the potential there is to really revolutionise the game.”

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T3 Triples Ping Pong is a fresh take on table tennis. With a sleek circular design that feels Japanese inspired, T3 are taking ping pong to the next level by breaking, then making the rules. And Uberpong approves!

– Service is always from the centre, served clockwise from left to right, with 2 serves to each player.
– Each server has 6 serves, then the ball changes ends.
– You can only hit 2 shots in a row, after service.
– Triples ping pong is played to 21 points.

T3 have also introduced a game called ‘The Chaos Theory’ which a a 6-a-side pong fest!

– Score on either ball (2 ping pong balls needed in different colors). You can win a max 2 points per rally.
– Simultaneous serving by both sides on the count of three. Starting with the players standing in the centre to serve opposite from left to right, 1 serve to each person on the other team. So each server again has 6 serves! Continue until 31 is reached.
– No more than 2 consecutive hits per person.
– If the balls ever collide and one remains in play carry on until the remaining point is played out. If both leave the table no points awarded.
– Play until both balls are down before starting the next service.
– Winning team first to 31

Want to play T3 triples ping pong? The tables will soon be appearing at Ping, Earls Court And Richmix, Shoreditch so head on over for a three-way!

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