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AAN_0103-536Vi uppmuntrar barn att börja med sport, för en perfekt start har vi utvecklat SuperMini konceptet med matchande bord och racket. Borded har skalats ner och är barnvänligt utan skarpa kanter och bra med yta för barn. Våra racket är speciellt utformade för små händer och därför rekommenderar vi att använda dessa för att förenkla för nybörjare.









Designed specially for 3-6 year olds • Table top meets ITTF approved ball bounce • Static table, comprising two connecting semi-circular sections • Detachable legs for easy storage • Colour: blue and white matt • Constructed of tough, scratch resistant melamine board and steel legs • Solid net (detachable in two sections) • Multi-purpose table (doubles as classroom table) • Matching mini size bats available



Jamie the ping pong
playing baby!

This short video features young Jamie Myska-Buddell from Plymouth, returning shot after shot as he sits comfortably on one side of a table-tennis table. The other side sees his dad Kevin, feeding his son balls.  Just watch… Impressive eh?!

Introducing 3 year old Zachary Jaworowski

Triple-Pong-20-July-2014-049-536What Age Can My Child Start Playing Table Tennis / Ping-Pong?

This question is one that has no specific answer, just general recommendations. Actually, you could probably ask five different table tennis coaches and get five different answers! Here’s my own take on the question.
Provided your child can hold onto a bat and understand not to break it (or anything else with it), you can start teaching him or her about ping-pong. Bouncing the ball to them on a hard floor and getting them to hit it around is all good for general coordination.

In terms of when to start kids on a ping-pong table, I’d say to wait until they are tall enough to see over the top of it easily. If they are too small for this, you could probably get an old table and cut the legs down to a smaller size, so they can play at a comfortable height. If you can cut a table down to size in this manner, you could probably have kids hitting balls around as early as 4 or 5 years. That’s a pretty early start!

Copy www.about.com/sports / By Greg Letts

Why should Children play Table Tennis?

Kids love table tennis. Even starting as young as five years old, kids love the excitement. Many parents don’t see the benefit. They must realize that table tennis training develops character. I hear many coaches trying to convince parents to have their kids take lessons because the kids can travel the world or get a $80,000 college scholarship, or become a pro player in Europe. These things sound good on the surface, but many parents would still rather put their children into baseball or basketball. Training and competing in table tennis actually develops character as I will describe in the following paragraphs.

Table tennis teaches kids how to work hardEarly-Years-primary-536

Table tennis takes hard work physically and mentally. No one develops a table tennis game in a week or a month. It takes consistent hard work over ten years to develop to the top level. This hard work will carry over to other areas of life, even college or career.

Table tennis teaches kids about physical fitness and diet

Fitness on and off the court is a daily routine for the top player. Developing good fitness and diet habits will last a lifetime and change a player for the rest of his life.

Table tennis teaches kids about success and failure

Unfortunately, life is full of both success and failure. How should a player react when losing? How should he react when things aren’t going his way? These same lessons will help him mature throughout his teen years.

Table tennis teaches kids how to handle pressure

Many players can practice well but can’t convert it to the match. The coach will teach the students what to think between points, how to react to good and bad points, how to handle conflict, and how to think clearly even in a pressure situation. This is vitally important for any career whether it be a job interview, a speech, or any other public job.

Table tennis really does benefit other areas of life

The habits developed early will influence a child for the rest of his life.

Copy taken from paddlepalace.com